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Help us tell this new Liberal government the time is now for a National School Food Program.

In Budget 2019, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced his government’s intention to work with provinces and territories towards the creation of a National School Food Program. Although this was a promising step, the government provided no details about what this commitment would look like or when funding would be provided.

 We must hold the Liberals accountable to ensure this budget promise becomes an immediate reality.

 Please sign-up to show your support for a national program. With your help, no child in Canada will go to school hungry. The time for action is now.

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The Facts

1 in 4 Canadian children start their day hungry. This statistic would be unacceptable anywhere, but in a prosperous country like Canada, this is unimaginable.

Canada has lagged behind its G7 allies in supporting a national school food program. It is actually the only country in the G7 that does not offer a federally funded school nutrition program.

By providing access to a nutritious meal to school children as they start their day, they learn more easily and have the chance to develop to their full potential.

To eradicate child hunger, student nutrition programs across the country need reliable and stable funding.

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